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Configuration Structure for physical files.

Configuration structure for physical files is redefined. Path should be: [Full|Increment]\[Table|View|Function|StoredProcedure|Data]\[ModuleName]\FileName.sql

Sample structure is following for reference.


Actually, the physical file structure is mapping to Xml configuration content. It is easy to understand for the file configuration part in configuration.xml, like following:



SQL Execution Orders

As we all know that, even without foreign keys, scripts have sequences based on dependency. That is one of the reasons why we need configuration.xml file.

The execution order for section ([Table|View|Function|StoredProcedure|Data]) part is fixed. That means no matter the orders of xml nodes, the execution order is always: Table –> View –> Function –> StoredProcedure –> Data

For example, if we exchange node Table and node Function in node Full, the execution orders are the same: Table –> View –> Function –> StoredProcedure –> Data

It is hardcoded in application, I guess everybody can easily figure it out.

If some of sections are not available to execution, tool would skip it and continue to run.


For each section, scripts in it have own orders for execution, it depends on the orders in Configuration.xml file.

For example, in the sample xml above, in Table in Full, the order would be:

Module1\Table1.sql –> Module1\Table2.sql –> Module2\Table1.sql –> Module2\Table2.sql


Version Control

Version control is a very important feature for this tool.

To keep existing and running database safe, operation for deploy (initialize or update) needs to be very carefully.

It is very common for projects to deliver different clients/customers different version/feature products. The tool can help to do deployment in that case more quickly and more safely.

When user select a version to execute, tool would compare base version with version in database to verify whether the execution is allowed for data safety.

NOTE: Base version verification is only for Increment deployment.

Version configuration is like below:


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