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  • Microsoft SQL Server Deployment Tool
  • SQL Deployment Tool
  • SQL Deploy Tool

Project Description

MSSQL Deploy Tool is a utility for developers, testers and OPs to do deployment based on MSSQL Server.

This tool can help you to:
  • Easily make SQL scripts being execution with batches and make sure scripts would be executed correctly in any machine with correct order.
  • Make SQL script have own version for management and execute different scripts for different base version. This is very useful for the projects which are products for different clients.
  • Make SQL deploy actions can be tracking via logs.
  • UI provided for easily running.
  • Configuration file in XML format make sure settings for connection and scripts can be saved/restored/transfer more easily.

MSSQL Deploy Tool v1.3.0.31037 has been released

You can get the release binary zip file via:

What's New? v1.3.0.31037

  • Add ViewBaseFunction node in configuration to split functions to 2 parts: basic and view based, which makes sure functions would not get any conflicts with view.
  • Remove BCP importing part to CMD based to make sure less permission is needed.
  • Change execution logics to use hash code as a part of destination folder name, so that multiple solution results can be existed.
  • Add CountryInfo table/view/BCP files in sample (zip) file to make it can provide a more complete example.
  • Bug fixing.

What's New? v1.2.0.38705

  • Add Solution feature: to make it easy to switch connection settings and script settings.
  • Remove console for execution and use a modal dialog form instead. It would be more friendly and provide more information in panels.
  • Remove Save As CMD feature. Because the console would not be existed any more.
  • Add Save Current Solution As feature. The saved solution would be added into Solution drop down list dynamically and the saved information contains the connection settings in UI and the currently selected script settings.
  • Refine Advanced Settings feature.
  • Refine execution logics.
  • Bug fixing.

And in this release, a real sample for Geography is included.

Old UI:

New UI:

New execution panel:

Much more detail information & easy for track.

If you have any question, you can contact me via email: or

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